What is getaslogan?

Getaslogan is a crowd-sourcing slogan development service. Our clients get custom, creative, catchy slogans from a community of sloganeers. Our sloganeers are rewarded when a client pick their suggestions as finalists.


How getaslogan works?

Clients make a slogan purchase specifying their needs. Writers compete for providing the best slogan. The client interacts with writers by choosing in real time which slogan he or she likes better. Writers adapt to the client's preferences in real time.




How many slogans suggestions do I get?

There is no limitation on the number of slogans you will get. There are several promotion options to ensure that your contest get noticed among writers such as featuring / highlighting your contest.


How long does it take to find the right slogan?

Typically, it is very fast. The standard contests last one week. You can make the process faster in case of need by selecting a faster track when creating your slogan contest.


How can I get better slogan suggestions?

Rate the slogan suggestions you have already received: 1-star means that you did not like the slogan at all, 5-stars means you liked it a lot. Rating slogans provides writers with the feedback they need on what is working and what is not. Of course, you can iterate with writers via private messages. During the qualifying round you would be able to ask the writers you like better to provide more slogans.


Can I use more slogans, in addition to the winner?

In case you need additional slogans suggested during your slogan contest, you can buy them at a discounted prize.


Can other people see the slogan contest I've created?

If you are concerned about privacy, just make sure you choose your contest to be private during the contest creation process. Private contests are only displayed to registered writers, and only after accepting a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


What is included in the price?

The price includes all GetaSlogan fees and the prize given to the contest winner.


Can I use the GetaSlogan platform for free? 

Yes, just select the option of having your friends writing slogans, instead of the experienced GetaSlogan writers.


Can I restrict the slogan writers to come only from my blog readers / employees / friends / etc? 


Yes, select the option of having your friends writing slogans, instead of the experienced GetaSlogan writers. Share the link you are provided with. Only users with the link you provide them can write slogans to your slogan contest.




I didn't receive the activation mail, what can I do?

Sometimes, the activation mail gets classified as spam by some email services. Please check your spam folder and whitelist the notifications email address to make sure you also receive alerts on when new open contests are available. You can control your notification preferences in your account (under the settings tab)


What does the level mean?

Your level reflects your performance at getaslogan.com. There are several contributing factor to your level. The most important are how many times you have been finalist and how many times you have been the winner of a contest.


How often are the levels computed?

Levels are computed every 15 days.


How many slogans may I suggest?

The number of slogans you may suggest during the qualifying round is determined based on your level. During the finalist round you can post as many slogan as you wish.


How payments are made?

Getaslogan pays writers via PayPal. You would need to have a working PayPal account to receive the prizes.


When are the payments done?

Pending payments are done within the first 5 days of the next. Payments are only performed if they are $50 or above; otherwise, they are accumulated in your account.


Can the rating of a slogan I suggested change?

Yes, clients can change their mind at any time while their slogan contest is running.


What does it mean that a contest is locked?

A contest is locked if the client didn't take action in the allowed time. If a contest is locked, no user can see the slogans or rate them. Clients may ask for contest unlock. In this case, the locked contest resumes.

The locking mechanism is necessary because, otherwise, the contest would remind open for ever. If we receive no news from the client after 30 days the contest has been locked, we distribute the prize among the contest participants. In the case the contest is locked during the finalist phase, we distribute the prize only among the finalists.


What's the number of my slogan (e.g. #3)? 

Every slogan in each slogan contest gets a number automatically. This is the order in which a slogan arrives. If you get, for instance, the number #47, it means that there are already 46 other slogans before yours. This has nothing to do with the rating. It is just convenient in case you have written several slogans and the client wants to chat with you. The slogan number is an easy way to uniquely identify a slogan within a slogan contest.


What does it mean that a slogan has been eliminated? 

Clients can eliminate slogans from their slogan contest. This means that they have already decided that they don't like that slogan and don't want to see it. This is useful for them so that they focus on the slogans they like most. The alternative would be to rate them with 1 star, but this can be in some cases not convenient as there would still be many slogans in the same view. Clients can also at any time change the status of eliminated slogans to visible ones.


How do I now if I've won a contest?

When the client selects your slogan as the winner slogan, you will be sent automatically an email to inform you. You will need to fill the copyright agreement and make sure that your paypal account is configured in the settings.


I just entered a blind contest and received a notification saying that my slogan was rated. How do I see this rating?

Just enter the contest again, go the slogan tab and it will be there. In case there are multiple pages, you will need to browse the pages or filter by writer and select your user name.